Chapter 3: Uncharacteristically UncharacteristicMature

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After running 'round and 'round in anxious terror for a full five minutes, Fujitsu calmed down all of a sudden, and stood somewhere by some rotting bushes uncharacteristically still. He then started to panic, looking around the area and dropping into a fighting stance looking for something; Fujitsu had never immediately calmed down after a pointless fright like that, which made this sudden development nearly impossible to believe unless somebody had put a spell on him.
Then he seemed to have spotted something in the shadows of a few trees just three feet from him. He knelt down and grasped a twig, fallen from one of the bushes, and threw it straight like a kunai into the darkness, and appeared to blur a tiny bit as it whizzed past. He strained his ears for any sound of the wood hitting a body, but all he heard was the makeshift projectile hitting wet grass.
Fujitsu glared at the spot for a moment before turning away and striding over to Aria and Click, who were watching him intently.
"What happened, Fuji?" asked Aria.
Click responded, "Thought you saw something?"
Fujitsu nodded and scratched his head. "Yeah, just barely, though. I think whatever it was sapped me of my panic."
"Wait, wha-?" began Aria, before being interrupted by Fujitsu.
"Don't say it! I don't want to go all 'Waaaahhhh!!! Aaaaahh!!' again, Aa-chan."
Aria looked around for a second before tilting her head to one side and asked, "Who's Aa-chan?"
"You, silly!" said Fujitsu, smiling.
Aria just stared at Fujitsu for a couple of seconds before breaking out into short laughter, having realized what Fujitsu did.
"So," said Aria, recovering from her laughter. "Shall we get a move on?"
"In a second, I've gotta get my trunk."
Fujitsu left for a minute or two before reemerging through the doors not only with his trunk, but with his armor on as well.
Aria was genially confused. "Why did you put your armor on?"
"Because I'm a bit on edge right now, what with the first Dark Lord coming out of that shard and all. Just in case we go into battle on the way back.
I'm also going to spar against the knights at the Castle, because I've been lacking on my training for about a week, and I need to get back on track. Also..."
Fujitsu handed Aria the shield-blade to her, along with the belt.
"Why are you giving this to me?" she asked, even more confused.
Fujitsu sighed, "Because it just really doesn't fit me. I like having the ability to twirl my blades and such, not grasping a handle through a glove. I'll just get a Gun-Blade or something. You can do whatever with that. Sell it, trade it, melt it, I don't really care..."
Aria was considering the possibilities with the sword.

The End

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