Chapter 3: Might as Well Make the Most of itMature

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Lynn had heard the shutting, but from the person she least expected it from. Perking her head up from her books and notes, she looked in the direction of the front, as Conrad stormed in, and was checking his pack and charges for his weapons. "Uhh, Conrad, why are you doing that?" Lynn asked, making him pause.

Why was he getting ready to leave, and drag Lynn back with him? Why? Because he was now a traitor to the very thing he had worked so hard to protect, and Lynn was only compounding things now with her constant explaining their existence. "Why Lynn? Why not! Whatever orders you may have had, we've both betrayed them because of that damned mage! We've both been manipulated into breaking the very laws that were supposed to be followed to protect both our home and the surface world!" Conrad growled. He had to find someplace isolated to live the rest of his long life, or put the barrel of his gun in his own mouth and pull the trigger himself.

Lynn sighed. "And as always, your overreacting. Think about it Conrad. Sooner or later, Elarin was going ot have to reveal itself to the world. And you said it yourself, you were forced into combat with the Free Peoples of the surface world because of faulty intel. Like it or not, we've now been forced into a war against this Dark Lord. If anything, we need to go back and alert the Council." She calmly stated, seeing it wasn't getting through the enraged man. Sighing again, Lynn walked over to Conrad, and smacked the back of his head. "Do I have to remind you I was there when the Laws were originally written? That I was there when our city fell? Your of the newer generation, while I'm one of hte Survivors. We need to pick a side, and with what this Dark Lord has in mind, I think it best we side with the Free People." Lynn said, hands on her hips, leaning forward slightly, an unhappy look upon her face. Conrad nodded breifly, before walking over to the front door and sat down.

Lynn was right of course, again. He was going nuts because of having broken the Laws, and now he had to inform the council that, like it or not, they were now in hte war, despite it being inevitable. Didn't mean Conrad was pleased about the fact. "Once we've gotten this people back to the nearest city, we're heading to the Command and getting an audience to the Council... I'm sure your connections with the Lord Scholar will help there." Conrad said, leaning back, his head resting against the door frame. If these people agreed to join them, it would mean reams of paperwork, or a few well placed, well, more of bluntly stated, words from Lynn to get them in, to see just what the twosome were intent of protecting.

The End

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