Chapter 3: "The Shadow War: The Play"Mature

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Aria nodded back at Click. "That's the plan. I guess nothing special came out of our adventure here, save for a shard of the Claimh Solais."

Click nodded. "There is nothing more to gain from staying here. Returning to Escartes is the wisest course of action."

Aria smiled. "Glad you agree. It's somewhat reassuring"

Click looked slightly troubled. "Is this about me being the hero?"

Aria, to his surprise, shook her head. "I'm just glad that someone actually agrees with me."

Suddenly, a shout came from outside. "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO SMUG?!"

Aria and Click ran out, and saw Hyperion being lifted off the ground by Conrad, who didn't look happy in the slightest. "I've had just about enough of your attitude, magic man. Tell me why you are so calm. I may as well be dead now, thanks to your interference. The laws specifically state that what I have done is treason, but you have manipulated me into doing them. Why?"

Hyperion suddenly appeared behind him, and vanished from Conrad's grasp. Aria could hear Fujitsu yell, "Genie man!", and Click was surprised at this development. "Well, I've just did my job, that is why I'm happy. All six of you are required to take care of this matter. It is up to you to help save the world. I'm merely here to usher that in. The world is the stage, you and the forces of darkness are the actors... I, and my colleagues... we are the audience. The entire endeavor is a page in the book of history... and we look forward to seeing how you fill it with your experiences. Good luck." With that he vanished.

Once again, Fujitsu yelled, "Genie Man." Aria shook her head smiling, Click had a grim look on his face, and Conrad fuming where he stood.

-Spire of Kandrakar-

"'The world is the stage, you and the forces of darkness are the actors...' Nicely said, Hyperion, you old fool." Xeranad muttered, watching the event through the eyes of his fairy familiar, Serena. "Still, if that is true... then you forgot who is directing this little masterpiece, Hyperion."

The End

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