Chapter 3: The Karate LamiaMature

(Originally posted by Harlot on Tue Nov 10, 2009)

Kara and Karkid where sitting on a blanket drinking some boiled water which was poured through a form of potice in a pot. Karkid was blowing on it and Kara was drinking it slowly and carefully. They eventually finish their drinks and Karkid jumps up. Kara asks, "was this drink tasty?"

Karkid nods eagerly.

Kara asks, "you are not going to stand still are you?"

Karkid shakes his head.

Kara gets up, and slithers behind Karkid, "okay, close your eyes. Relax. Hold your feet at shoulder width. Put your tongue onto the roof of your mouth. Now breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Clear your mind."

Karkid and Kara stand there for a moment--possible three. "Okay, now, move a foot forward."

Karkid does so--his left foot. "Okay, now, move your arms to the left."

Kara starts to slither in a manner that has Karkid walking slowly and precisely. Moving his arms from side to side. They do this or about half an hour. Kara then picks up Karkid and tosses him up into the air. Kara catches him, "so, how do you feel?"

Karkid nods his head--he oddly felt more relaxed and more energetic at the same time. It was like his thoughts were more directed somehow.

Click was watching the whole time. It was a form of meditation that Kara was teaching Karkid.Karkid wanders off to play. Kara starts to work on some form of non-violent kata in the rising sun.

The End

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