Chapter 3: Stay Away From her on Those daysMature

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Kara on the other hand had been awake for some time--being more nocturnal than diurnal. Prefering to bask in the sun on a warm rock. She had noticed that the humans were wide awake and well. Her head had stopped buzzing--though there was still something in the back of it from when she was smacked hard by the armoured fist as she was pulling the injured Aria away from combat.

Kara was preparing some powders and chemicals. Karkid and Click came up to the room where Kara was situated in. Click looks at some of the stuff Kara had--mostly for medical purposes, and then sees three choice materials. He did not have easy access to them, but he recognised what they could be turned into. An all it would require after that would be a spark of some sort. Click had never really gotten a chance to perfect mixing them together, but he saw that Kara had them. Click debated stealling them from Kara while she was asleep.

Click then thought for a moment. That did not seem to be something that Click would do. His old self would have done it. However stealing from what he was told would be his future wife? Click shook his head--utter nonsense, such a thing would never occur. Either way stealing stuff like that did not seem to be something that would be done by somebody who brought hope to--Click looked over at Karkid. Well, as much as he did not want to think about it, being a hero to the Stygians would not really be that bad. I mean, these guys are exceedingly clever.

Anyways,Click looked at Kara, and asked, "say--could I use some of those? I may be able to make some decent use of them" Click points at the three he wants, but makes certain to choose four others to sort of hide his goals.

Kara, not really making the pattern out that Click was doing answered, "sure--not certain what use you will get from them."

Click also asked, "also, the venom in your teeth... how often do you require to relieve it?"

Kara answered--somewhat scared--men died from her venom, "uh, once a week... you may want to stay away from me on those days... I tend to bite easily."

Click shook his head, "I got a better idea, I can produce something made of leather that you can bite into on those days. Allowing you to secrete your venom, and not have to hurt anybody that day."

Kara, not really getting that Click was suggesting to milk her venom on those days tilts her head and answers, "okay--well I do not need to worry about hurting you... you are Click."

Click held a slight chill on those words. She believed it, and it was far from true.

The End

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