Chapter 3: Properly Rude AwakeningMature

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Click covered his ears and rolled over. He was not a morning person, and he really hated being surrounded by them. First you have two people laughing, the worst possible sound in the morning, some guy with gruff voice, and a bright light coming through a window. Click was not happy. At all.

After a moment he sat up, it was morning, the fact that world existed before noon was a surprise to him. He looked around, seeing Fujitsu and Aria watching the sunrise. Boring. It's a bright light showing up, that gets in the way of sleeping and pick-pocketing (you could still pick-pocket, but it was a bit harder). Why a bandit was so happy to see a sunrise didn't make much sense. Fujitsu, on the other hand, didn't make sense, either, but Click was used to that.

There was the miner-guy and Hyperion yacking. Which, didn't seem worth getting up for. Lynn was looking around, she was a little more interesting, but not enough to warrant getting up.

He laid back down. Maybe he'd get lucky and no one would wake him.

Karakid decided he wasn't that lucky.

The End

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