Chapter 3: This "Sun" ThingMature

(Originally posted by Lord_Ganlon on Fri Sep 25, 2009)

Lynn was up shortly after Aria, and while Aria was watching the sunrise, Lynn was busy in the spot where the shard had been. The barrier was gone, and when she reached the door, which she assumed led to the basement, she looked it over, trying to see if there was anything else that she could glean from the newly accessible region of the mansion.

Conrad had been busy on hte midwatch, and when the sun hit his eyes as it rose, an experience he still had not adjusted to, he awoke with a start. He had grabbed his rifle, and was looking around him, trying to spot the floodlight, until he regained his senses and realized he was still on the surface world. "I have got to get used to this sun thing..." Conrad said, standing up, and walking up to the second floor, so that he could monitor the road up to the mansion. And there, looking mighty pleased with himself, was the Time Mage Hyperion. "What's got you in such a happy mood?" Conrad asked, stepping up to the window, and leaning against the window seal, and staring out at teh road.

The End

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