Intermission Chapter: CorruptionMature

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"Gale! What are you doing?!" Alex asked, shocked at what his friend has done to his wife.

Gale stared at him, and smiled wickedly. "She... displeased me. She was unfaithful to me and slept with someone while I was out risking my life so that she and I could have a future together... and what does she do to show her thanks? She has forsaken me."

Alex drew his blade, not liking the change in his friend. "Listen to youself, Gale! You sound just like Ryagar! What have we fought for if you begin to act like the very evil we fought to destroy! What did Matthias die for?! It wasn't for this!!!"

Gale stared at Alex with sadness and contempt. "I see... so you too stand against me. Very well." Gale drew his sword, the Claimh Solais... but it had changed from the holy sword it once was to a demonic blade, one that seemed alive.

Alex and Gale clashed. With every strike, more destruction was caused. Alex could not understand why Gale had changed. "Why? Was all that blood, sweat, and tears all done in vain? Were you even our friend?"

Gale still had the same look on his face. "You betrayed me! I have a right to act like this!"

Gale slashed Alex across the chest, shattering his armor. He then cleaved into him again, blood spraying from his chest.

Alex saw the world turn red. He began to get dizzy and felt tired. Was this what death feels like?

Gale smiled. "You always were naive, Alex. Only a fool fights to end a war."

Alex shook off the tired feeling and raised his blade, Rapture. Before Gale could react, the dark blade struck him through the chest, and he died instantly.

Alex, having killed his closest friend, fell to his knees. "Why? What happened that made it come to this? Why?!" He cried tears of blood and fell to the ground, exhausted... and died.

--- Time passed ---

"Ughhh... where am I?" Alexander got up, and walked to the nearest pond. He washed his face and then stared at his reflection. However, the face that stared back was one he wasn't expecting.

His eyes were as white as pearls, his schlera as black as night. His hair was as white as bone, and he bore two scars across his chest and one across his eyes. He jumped back at this strange being that hid in his reflection.

"WHAT am I?!!"

The End

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