Chapter 2 ENDMature

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Aria smiled, enjoying Fujitsu's actions.She would hve laughed, but she was in a lot of pain as from the kick to her stomach, though she pretended she was fine. She found a spot of earth poking through the boards and lied down upon it. Everyone stared at her.

"Ummm... what are you doing, Aria?" Click asked.

"Getting comfortable for tonight." Aria stated.

"But... why there?"

Aria shrugged. "I'm used to sleeping on the bare earth. Ever since Xeranad destroyed my home... I guess it's an acquired taste."

Click shook his head. "Whatever."

-Spire of Kandrakar-

Xeranad walked up to his throne and sat down. The wings once again embraced him and gave him a respite from the memories that haunted him. He closed his eyes...

The End

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