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Fujitsu, once the shadow of Xeranad had dissipated, took the time after the battle to just lay on the floor and relax. Sure, he hadn't even used ten percent of his energy while fighting Earendel (who was MUCH easier to defeat than Fujitsu had anticipated), in fact, he was holding back because of how weak and disappointing he was; he was much slower than Fujitsu, and because he had a mixed knowledge of sword-fighting and martial arts skills, Fujitsu probably would have been able to take him on alone.
Of course, the fight was made easier with the combined efforts of his new found comrades (Fujitsu felt that it was a bit too early to call them his friends, seeing that they only met the other day), mainly Aria; she got the most effective hits in when the others couldn't damage him that well. Click was able to speedily tell Fujitsu when to strike with his sword in the appropriate areas when he couldn't land the blows when he had the chance. Fujitsu was even sure that he was subconsciously hearing him yell out commands when he was using his martial arts strategy, even though his instincts were roaring at him. The military guy was the final piece to bring Earendel down with his patient thinking and future technology (though even if he had a regular pistol the end result probably would have been the same). Kara and the other girl weren't much help, seeing that they did not wish to fight, and even though Karkid was only a distraction, he still had an important roll.
The real challenge, however, came at the end when Xeranad's shadow replaced the previous Dark Lord. The impulse to strike Xeranad had influx-ed his common sense once he appeared. Fujitsu knew better than to do this, but his hatred for Xeranad was too great for him to handle. He pinned them to the ground effortlessly, mocked them, acted like this was a sick game.... Fujitsu hated him with a PASSION!!
Then, at that certain thought, Fujitsu cranium seemed to have burst open by a huge war hammer. It burned and throbbed like hell, as though Xeranad himself was inside his brain, in turn hating his thoughts and attacked him to teach him a lesson about defying him or something. Fujitsu clutched his head even tighter than he already unconsciously was as the pain grew more and more unbearable. Then, it stopped, as if a switch was turned off to do so, and in its departure, a day dream, no, a memory it felt like, entered his conscious.
Fujitsu was in a palace, except he wasn't the teenager he was today, but he was a kid. A little kid who had a fair knowledge of martial arts with other little kids trailing behind him. This was hard to tell, though, because the image was blurry, and moved fast. Fujitsu opened a large decorated door, and inside was mounds and heaps of treasure. One of the kids behind him carried bags, which were handed out to everyone, including Fujitsu, and he watched as the party took their picks. Fujitsu did not, however. He and the kids had a row, and Fujitsu ran out the room while the other children tried to get him to come back. The caught up to him and pulled at him, but then some odd number of looming figures approached them, their faces looking menacing, even through the blurriness. The children panicked. They blamed all of their activities on Fujitsu, and he was carried away, kicking, screaming, and crying. Crying, because his very first friends had betrayed him...
Fujitsu woke up with a jolt, his entire body drenched with sweat. Craning over him were Aria, Click, Karkid, and the two elves, all with concerned looks on their faces.
"What happened!?" asked Aria.
Fujitsu couldn't answer. It was all too strange, the sudden head pain, then the abrupt memory... even for himself he couldn't find an answer for.
Click, reading his thoughts said, "He just remembered something, it looks like. That, and a major head pain. Maybe you should go to one of the bed rooms in here and rest."
Fujitsu nodded, still trying to make sense of what happened and why.
"Also," said Click. "We managed to get your swallow from the ceiling." He lifted it up in confirmation and handed it to Fujitsu.
Fujitsu took it and stored it in its belt holder. "Well, I guess I'll be going... to... ... ... wait one second," he gasped slowly.
Fujitsu started patting his back, then he started running all across the entrance in search of something. When he couldn't find what he was looking for, he immediately ran up to the time mage and said out of exasperation, "You flashed me here without my trunk!! It's still at the castle! What if somebody took it, what if it's lost and alone and hungry!?" Then he gasped, "What if it was-"
"I highly doubt anybody would go that far for a good time!" interrupted Click very loudly.
There was a blinding flash of light, then a trunk was offered to Fujitsu by Hyperion, who said, "Here's your trunk. Now go upstairs and get some rest."
"Yatta!!" My magicamagle Tunk of Wonderful Insanity has been returned to thee!!!" exclaimed Fujitsu rather gleefully. He then rushed up the stairs and check for rooms to sleep in.

The End

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