Chapter 2: Pasture TimelineMature

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Inside the Mansion

Lynn was busy attempting to figure things out, attempting to put all of this knowledge where I belonged with the new info being added. It seems as though Xeranad had broken this Claimh Solais, and put within each shard the essence of himself into each of them, each seeming to be a Dark Lord each. It also would seem that each Current Dark Lord also received the power that each of the Dark Lord's prior had, but in the splitting of his essence actually weakened him. IT also seemed that the Claimh Solais was also the weapon required to defeat the current Dark Lord, though in the purifying of the sword, Xeranad would regain his split powers... But 15 he shattered the weapon 15 years prior, which was 3 years before Conrad's mining team had finally breached into the cave that lead to the surface. Lynn didn't even notice when Xeranad's Shadow appeared, though as he spoke, she was still attempting to better understand things, and currently, the track looked somewhat like this:

1000 years ago:
Event occurs, linked to a major event 10000 years later, sending Elarin down both time and space, to where it currently resides.

15 years ago:
Something happens that makes the current Dark Lord, Xeranad, become so, and splits a sword called Claimh Solais, each shard and piece fulled with a part of Xeranad's essence, each of which taking the form of a prior Dark Lord.

12 years ago:
Conrad's Mining Team breach the small cave at the foot of a semi-active Volcano, called the Flame of Genesis by the surface worlders, and constuction begins on hte Research and Recon Command later that year after a vote by the Council, 4 to 1, agrees more must be learned about the surface before fully rejoining it.

7 years ago:
Lynn is granted clearance by hte Lord Scholar herself to be allowed to interact in person with the Surface Worlders, within a certain distance from the R&RC.

1 week ago:
Lynn is sent here, the farthest and most heavily populated region within her zone of interaction, under the guise of heading towards the Northern Wastes, and began her research on the local lore and legends. This mansion was one of the places.

3o minutes ago:
A time mage arrives, with Conrad in tow, as well a group of surface worlders who don't seem to understand any of their technology or mannerisms. Shortly after the time mage gives hints of the possible futures of some of the people here, they begin a fight against the Dark Lord Earendel's shadow.

With the preliminary list done for now, Lynn refocuses on teh real world, and notices that the party had been in a small scuffle about something or someone. "Conrad? What is going on?"She asked, as Conrad smiles weakly.

"Oh not much Lynn, just seeing Xeranad show up, laugh at our attempts, oh, and pin me and mr. insane ninja here for a moment, before saying he likes a challenge from his foes. Lemme guess, mind was running full blast and you were organizing what you knew?" Conrad asked, knowing full well the answer as Lynn nodded, and he nodded himself. "I think we have a couple of developments we're going to need to report about when we get back to the R&RC." Conrad said, doing what he can to avoid revealing too much about Elarin, though it was clear didn't really care with her response of "Actually Conrad, I think we're better off informing both the Lord Scholar and Knight-General of Elarin then just reporting to the Research and Recon Command..." She said, gathering her things, not at all seeing Conrad's unhappy stare at her, for just blurting out whatever she had on her mind, instead of keeping tact, though, it might not have happened had the time mage not shown up, since she'd still be attempting to keep her cover.

The End

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