Chapter 2: None of us saw That ComingMature

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Inside the Flames of Genesis

Ultritch flew down and began surveying the area. He fanned himself, since the heat was hardly tolerable even for a dracomancer. He pulled out a black orb. "My lord, I am inside the Flames as you commanded. Where is this Magitek suit you asked my to pick up?"

"The caverns leading from the Flames of Genesis to Elarin. They should be somwhere around there. I am counting on you, Ultritch."

Ultritch bowed. "I will not fail you, my liege."

Spire of Kandrakar - Xeranad's Private Quarters

Xeranad smirked behind his mask. Unlike the dark lords who came before him, he desired his own demise. In these heroes he saw a chance for his complete demise, and the end of the cursed lineage of Dark Lords. Many people hated him for what he was... an abomination on the face of this world. Yet, the pain he felt was not caused by those harsh words... He despised himself for letting her die.

He turned to face the portrait of the lovely blonde woman. A voice rang through his head.

"All my years of suffering... it was worth it... because, I met you... Alexander."

Xeranad turned his face away from the portrait. "WHY CAN I NOT MOVE AWAY FROM MY PAST?!" He screamed, breaking the mirror in his fit of despair. "I lost everything... my humanity... my family... my friends... my wife and daughter... and now... my pride and sanity... GODS! WHAT MORE CAN YOU TAKE FROM ME?! HAVE I NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH? OR DO YOU ENJOY WATCHING ME WRITHE AND SCREAM?!" Xeranad threw a chair out the window in his anger. He wanted it all to end. That was what this had been about from the very beginning. He wanted to end his own miserable existence.

The End

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