Chapter 2: Flirting With the InsaneMature

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Kara slithers in rubbing the side of her head, it was obvious she was hit harder in the head than it had appeared. Kara comments, "sorry about the poor job healing you Aria. You may want to take it easy for the next few days... or at least until my ears stop buzzing."

Aria moves around, trying not to visibly wince, but not fooling Click, Kara or Lynn at all, and says, "ah, its okay--I wasn't hurt too bad."

Kara replies, "yes, yes you were. So ease off on your flirting with Fujitsu for a few days. But just a few days. Okay."

Click looks over at Kara, wondering where that one came from. However Click then starts to realise how close Aria and Fujitsu have been being together lately. He didn't think of them as a couple, but yeah, Aria had been getting fairly close to Fujitsu it had seemed.

Aria starts stretch and dancing around, trying to explain to Kara that she is indeed fine. Kara slithers off, and says, "I need to find a warm spot to lay down. If I see any of you, kick a girl in that way, I will be having words with you. A large metal boot straight to a young developing woman's stomach is not an easy thing to fix. Now, to lay down until my ears stop buzzing so badly."

The End

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