Chapter 2: How About Stupid Bravery? Or Bravely Stupid?Mature

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Earendel, effectively pinned to the ground, staring down the barrel of a gun, seethed in discontent, but sighed and said: "I yield."

Conrad kept his gun pointed at Earendel, and Fujitsu walked up and pointed his own blade at Earendel. Fujitsu spoke: "All right, you, I have a question or two for you. Why were you in the shard?"

Earendel smirked. "The shards of the Claimh Solais is embedded with Xeranad's essence, as such, I have been embedded into the shard as well, along with the rest of us."

Conrad and Fujitsu stared at each other, then back at Earendel. "What?"

Earendel sighed. "Xeranad is the reigning dark lord, and thus possesses the might of all of the dark lords that came before him. It's funny, since he actually weakened himself to make sure this sword would never be used against him. So, you guys lose either way. If you revive the Claimh Solais, Xeranad regains all the might he lost 15 years ago when he shattered the sword and infused it with his darkness, destroying its purity! Yet, if you do not, you will stand no chance against him at all! Hahahahaha!" With that, Earendel vanished in a cloud of darkness. Replacing him was a shadow of a figure they recognized all too well...

Xeranad's shadow.

"Well, well, well... it seems Earendel can't be trusted to keep a secret. Oh well. Now that you know the situation, do you still insist on trying to stop me? I must say, if you do, I admire your resolve... even if it is misguided."

Fujitsu attempted to strike Xeranad, and Conrad fired off a round. However, before they both could react, they were both pinned to the ground, Conrad by the claw, Fujitsu by the fervid blade. "How... did you?"

"Not very bright, are you? You cannot defeat me, yet you try all the same. I don't know if that is called courage... or stupidity."

Fujitsu seethed, but stayed down. He knew he couldn't fight Xeranad now. Not yet anyway.

However, at that moment, a dagger came flying in, and Xeranad barely dodged it. Aria stood, walking forward slowly, as if she was still hurt. "Let... him... alone... you bastard..."

Xeranad looked at her for a second and then sighed. "Fine. It's too soon to finish you off anyway. I do enjoy watching people oppose me openly. It actually makes this interesting. Au revoire." And with that, Xeranad vanished, leaving a pure metal shard in his place... a shard of the Claimh Solais.

Aria picked it up, smiled at Fujitsu and said: "Looks like I'm not some damsel in distress, huh?" She laughed a little, and then passed out.

The End

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