Chapter 2: Bandit Enigma GirlMature

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Inside the Mansion

Conrad - Health: 100% = Mana: 100%
Lynn - Health: 100% = Mana: 100%

Conrad was calm, biding his time, waiting for his chance to land a lucky shot on the Dark Lord, and when Fujitsu knocked the Dark Lord to the ground, Conrad moved quickly, and put his combat boot on Earadnel's chest, pointing his pistol at hte man. "I'd advise you not move now. Not unless you want a high caliber bullet in your brain." Conrad says, deadly calm. He had seen many fight like this man, they let their anger and rage drive them, instead of their common sense. It took a clear message, not a threat, not a promise, but a unavoidable fact, that if they resisted, they would be killed.

Lynn continued to watch, still computing, still figuring out the enemy and the team. Right now, it seemed that the man in armor and the young warrior were going to prove to be a powerful team, while the Lamia, was clearly unknowing of the way of the world beyond her simple ideals. The young bandit girl, she was an enigma even to Lynn. She may be the key of hope and bravery for this group, but at the same time, the key to it's very destruction. So many variables, so many possibilties. Even for a heavy thinker like Lynn, there were too many to plan and think out. Too many even for her... Was Aria so important, that even the Chrono Mage seemed to have many things hinged on her.

The End

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