Chapter 2: "Holier than Thou" Dark LordMature

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Earendel readied his weapon and lowered his shield. "Attack me with all you have. Don't hold back. I don't expect any mercy from you, and I suggest you do the same."

Aria, now really ticked off at the phantasmal knight's nonchalant behavior and arrogant tone, readied her daggers and growled. "Your 'holier than thou' crap is starting to grate at my nerves. Why don't you go crawl back into that shard and sit there until we purify it?"

Earendel shook his head. "Not going to happen. You want this shard? You have to go through me first. That's my purpose here."

Spire of Kandrakar

Xeranad waited outside for one of his servants to arrive. A dragon suddenly flew right up in front of him, but he didn't even flinch. Instead, he simply stated: "You're late, Ultritch."

The dracomancer jumped down from his saddle, and kneeled before Xeranad. "I'm sorry, my lord. The wind made it difficult to travel, but I apologize regardless. I should have foreseen what the weather would be like and make plans accordingly."

Xeranad nodded. "It isn't your fault, Ultritch. I should have postponed the meeting until a later date, but my anxiety told me otherwise."

Ultritch looked up at that last sentence. "Anxiety?"

Xeranad sighed. "Yes. As each day passes, this war continues to take its toll on my spirit. Why can't anyone listen to reason? All this violence, all this bloodshed... it could have been avoided if they were willing to compromise."

Ultritch tilted his head curiously, but then Xeranad remarked. "Forget what I said. This is just the rambling of a cursed man who has seen too many innocent people die because of the choices I made. That isn't the reason I called you here... I have a task for you."

The End

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