Chapter 2: Teaming upMature

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Fujitsu, who was a bit shocked at first to see the first Dark Lord come out of a shard, immediately caught himself and jumped in front of Aria, twirling his blade round and round and took a deep stance, yelling, "For one, there is no disgusting race, and two, if you touch one hair on any of my friends, I'll-"
"-Kill me?" said Earandel in a mocking voice. "I'm already dead, you fool. I'd kill you right now, but... I'm still debating if you're already dead or not."
"One insane person to another," replied Fujitsu. "those types of tricks don't work on me."
The Dark Lord studied Fujitsu for a moment, as if trying to look for a unique feature. He looked up and down Fujitsu, always resting on his eyes whenever he looked up. He finally stopped and grinned. "It is no doubt he is that demon reborn... Undoubtedly much kinder, but still..." he muttered to himself, nobody hearing him, but Click could read his lips, and pondered at his thought.
Fujitsu reborn... from a demon...? he thought to himself, taking a look at Fujitsu. Nothing seemed demonic about him at all, he was a tad angry, no doubt, but nothing near demonic.
Then, Fujitsu let out an array of his silvery air slashes at the Dark Lord. Surprise flickered in his eyes for a fraction of a second, but only a fraction, and he blocked all of the slashes the following seconds, including an upclose slash from Fujitsu, who ran up to him while he blocked the former attack; Fujitsu kept at it. Again and again Fujitsu stroke all over and any opening he could, but his speed wasn't enough; his timing was off, and missed his chance every time to strike. Earandel took a swipe at him, but Fujitsu was fast enough to dodge jump backwards to dodge it, landing right by Click.
Click thought for a moment, considering his options for the battle. Then, as if somebody flipped a switch in his head, he asked Fujitsu, "Hey, Fujitsu, wanna tagteam?"
"What about a tagteam?" said Fujitsu, moving his sight in Click's direction.
"Well, you know how you're fast but can't quite get a quick enought timing?"
"Well, what if I tell you when to strike as you're attacking?"
Fujitsu nodded. "Seems like a good idea. Let's give it a shot."

The End

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