Chapter 2: Putting the Girl to Sleep InsteadMature

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Earandel wrestled himself free. "Listen, Lamia... I have no intention of being put to sleep. I'm already dead... this is merely an image of me created from the darkness of the current dark lord."

Aria heard this, and got a bit more tense as a response. "Xeranad?!"

Earandel looked at her for a second... and stood confused. "Strange... what am I sensing from you, girl?" He took a few steps forward towards Aria, who readied her daggers.

"Take another step toward me, and I'm going to pierce your eyes out." Aria threatened.

Earandel only shook his head. "Don't underestimate me, brat." Suddenly, he broke out into a run... and was much faster than his armor made you believe possible. He swung his sword, and Aria barely dodged it, tearing a bit of her dress in the process.

Earandel readied his weapon. "I wanted to deal with the disgusting elf first... but you've caught my attention, girl."

The End

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