Chapter 2: No Eating Friends, Thank youMature

(Originally posted by Katrina on Sat Aug 29, 2009)

Kara notes the situation. The large "Dark Lord" had ran from her when she asked what was wrong. He had lunged at the elf woman... seeming intent on eating her. Kara slithers over quickly with a snake like agility, grabbing one of the Dark Lord's legs with her tail, and pull both arms onto the arm he hand his sword in.

He was stronger than her, but having the Lamia on him had caused him to be less that effective at rushing Lynn. He spins around trying to get Kara off of him. However, Kara just slithered around him. "Look, I dunno what you are doing, but when I asked if there was anything you wanted after being trapped in the crystal, it was not an offering to eat our new companion."

Click noted something, she wasn't actually doing much more than restraining him. However, part of the restraints she was doing were based on healing magic. She was putting him to rest. To sleep. Somehow the idea that a Dark Lord would not be very tasty in Kara's eyes occurred to him. So Kara was doing her best to "heal" him. Or put his soul at rest.

The End

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