Chapter 2: Analyzing the EnemyMature

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Inside the Mansion

Conrad - Health: 100% = Mana: 100%
Lynn - Health: 100% = Mana: 100%

Lynn sighed. "Well, considering he's in heavy armor, that's going to effect his movement, so he's going to be slow, but once he gets up to speed, then his issue turns from lack of speed, but a lack of control over the momentium. In short, we avoid him for some time, letting him speed up, then when he gets harder for him to control his movements, we use the gaps that are bound to be generated as target points to attack." She said, looking at Conrad. "But before I declare that the offical plan, what does the miner in you Conrad say about him?" She asked.

Conrad snorted. "Bastards fairly smug, so he's going to be cocky, then there is the fact that we're all extremely different, in styles, protections, and mindsets. Guys going to go for the most vulnerable of us. Plain and Simple." Conrad said, when the clank of metal sounded, and the Dark Lord pushed forward, going right for Lynn. Conrad grunted, having watched the Dark Lord carefully, watching how he held himself, and had seen the tensing for the dash, and acted then, stepping to the side and bringing his arm out, in an attempt to clothsline the Dark Lord, his pistol in the grip of hte hand attached to the arm he was using.

Lynn didn't seem to move much, if anything brought her pistol up, and was sighting down it, her finger not nearly as steady as Conrad's, but she wasn't going to pull the trigger just yet.


The End

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