Chapter 2: Attack Defend ->Spy FleeMature

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Click's eyes darted around analyzing the situation, reading everyone there. This Dark Lord Dude was pretty obviously a fighter and had fought a lot of battle, with Kara standing so close to him, compared to the others, his mind seemed to focused on her, probably wondering how a Lamia became part of society, or if this was normal nowadays. 

He tried to read Kara, her mind was little harder to understand, but she seemed to be more curious about the guy then anything else, probably wondering if she could befriend him, or eat him, it was hard to tell at times. Hyperion was right, her mind was pretty alien. 

Karkid seemed anxious, a little angry and a little unnerved by the sudden appearance. He looked like he was planning to fight, but was waiting for the 'go-ahead'. His stance showed off a soldier-like mentality, but undeveloped like a child. Click wondered about this military-juvenile mixed persona for a split second before moving on.

Conrad held his gun, his mind was set at kill. His triggerfinger was surprisingly steady. Beyond that Click was a little more unsure about, but he could grasp this guy was a soldier and had done heavy work in some sort of other career. What it was on the other hand, he hadn't figured out yet.

Then was Fujitsu. Something to do with onions? Click decided best not to try and dig any deeper into his head.

Then he looked at Lynn. Her mind was so... complex, for lack of a better word. Her mind looked like she was weighing dozens of options, hundreds of probabilities, analyzing and surveying. Click might have been able to see each thought indvidually pass her like he could others, but, they were moving to fast. Then it stopped. Her eyes lit up for a moment with a brief moment of understanding, he waited for her to say something, but she instead kept quiet, waiting for something. Someone to do something? Eh, he couldn't blame her, that was sort of what he was doing.

Click then went back to looking at the others, nothing had changed. Except Earandell who was now looking at the others, his eyes leered at Conrad, then Fujitsu, Click knew what he was doing. He was weighing down the situation like a fighter does, not a soldier, a soldier weighs odds and plans, this guy wasn't doing that. He was just deciding who would be the best opponent. Something was about to go down.

"Psst, weird elf lady," Click looked at her, "Whatever it is, we don't have time to wait for someone else. What's the plan?"

The End

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