Chapter 2: *Insert Final Fantasy Bassline Here*Mature

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Inside the Mansion

Conrad - Health: 100% = Mana: 100%
Lynn - Health: 100% = Mana: 100%

Conrad snapped his pistol from pointing at the floor, and had it aimmed at the figure that was apparently a Dark Lord. Since he had already took off the safety, all it would take was to pull the trigger, but since the guy had come out of that metal shard, he wasn't sure if the guy had some sort of protections beyond the armor.

Lynn however, was teh most calm of the group, Kara excluded, and had put her right hand to her chin, and was thinking, aloud. "Hmmm... A slight magical aura, clearly towards the Arcana Arts, but seems to still be tied to that metal piece... So some sort of dispelling magic would not likely work, but as the man is still clearly part of that shard, he might have a minor shield enchantment upon him, but if so, is it against the physical or against the magical? Not likely to be powerful against Magitek, but then again, one never knows.... But as a Dark Lord, he's also to be very aggressive once we do attack... I think I know a way to defeat him, but I can't be certain." Lynn finishes, walking to her pack, which was behind the group facing the Dark Lord, and rummaging around the largest pack, pulls out her own weapon, a pistol that looked exactly like Conrad's and she checked hte pack, as well as the slide and the trigger, making sure in her abuse of the pack she hadn't damaged it. Once she was satisfied, she returned to the group, and looked at them. Now, she wanted to tell the group her plan, but was willing to wait to see if anyone else had a plan to try.

The End

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