Chapter 2: 98% Map CompletionMature

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Inside the Old Mansion

Conrad scoffed. "Mage, unless you want to loss whatever time you should have left, you'd better stop stringing us along like this. I know for a fact i've been pulled both ways by you, thrown into situations I would rather avoid, and now, i'm being dragged into some sort of time-crazy act? Unless you learn some basic common courtesy, I think your not gonna last much longer." Conrad states, switching the safety off his pistol, but not yet aiming it.

Lynn shook her head. "I don't know what's going on, but i've searched htis mansion top to bottom, as best as I can, and i've yet to find a way to reach either that shard of metal or the basement. And unless there's a magitek generator in hte basement, then there shouldn't be a shield here. I sense no magic, see no seams, dust collects under it, but I can't reach under it with anything, not even blowing air." Lynn states, mentally going over the list of things she had tried to get past the wall, even using magic to make her etheral did nothing. So what was this time mage going to do that was different from what she had tried.

The End

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