Chapter 2: "I'm Sorry, I Can't Hear you Over my Awesomeness"Mature

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Kara noted the change of expression in Click's face. It was more "cold" as the strange expression put it. She coils around him. Click looks shocked, as if pulled out of his scare, and wondering what Kara was doing. Kara was going through the hair on Click's head, "uh, what are you doing?"

"Well, the humans call the expression you got as being, 'cold'. I figured I'd try to help you with body heat"

"but my hair"

"Well, I wanted to see the fist~"

Fujitsu was over in the corner, nearly blue, he had gotten bored with simply covering his ears that he simply started to hold his breathe as well. He makes a loud gasp, and yells out (still covering his ears), "nine minutes... shoot, still below pirate status quo"

Aria looks critical and asks, "what are you refering to?"

Fujitsu looks back and answers, "I am sorry, I cannot hear what you are saying, my hands are over my ears."

Hyperion regards this sort of thing for par for the course on Fujitsu, and the future followers of Fujitsu's particular brand of philosophy. "Anyways back to why I called you here"

Fujitsu answers, "I still cannot hear you. My hands are still over my ears."

Hyperion rolls his eyes, noting many of Fujitsu's studiers would prolly consider that a moment where most would get enlightenment.

The End

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