Chapter 2: Click Norris Lee of the ClickiansMature

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"Mother of the Stygians?" Click asked.


"Why did you call her that?"

"Spoilers, you don't want to know your fate before it comes, do you?"

"Yeah, yeah I do."

Hyperion smiled, "Click doesn't actually have a scalp, he hides another fist under his hair."


"It's a joke about you in fifty years. In a century, well," Hyperion shrugged, "The Clickians."

"The what?"

"You won't live long enough to hear anyone called it, but, you do succeed. You do give three billion hope, and the number keeps rising."


"I gave you a pretty big hint, I mean, 'Clickians' is just a play on words."

He just stared.

"Clickians, Chris- you know what? Spoilers." 

"You just don't want to tell me."

"I just want to end this conversation. For a supposed mind-reader, hero, messiah, an actual you-know-what, you really aren't that bright. I mean, it takes you two how long to get together?" He gestured at Kara.

Click looked at Kara, then turned back, "Your kidding right? For the record, I prefer elves."

Hyperion ended the conversation, and turned his attention to someone else.

The Clickians? He smiled for a second then his face grew cold He can travel through time. I can still save her.

The End

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