Chapter 2: Mother of one, why not all?Mature

(Originally posted by Katrina on Thu Aug 20, 2009)

Kara had lifted Karkid in her arms and was playing with Karkid's nose. Kara said in a rather happy manner to Karkid, "these are silly people."

Hyperion looks at Kara with a little bit of caution, "you Kara, mother of the Stygians, need to exercise a little caution. For if you do not handle events correctly, a white mage may replace the father of the Stygians as Dark Lord."

Click jaw dropped, did he just call, Kara, _mother_ of the Stygians?

Kara replies to Hyperion, "then a team of heroes will take her out as well. Really I've never got why we need Dark Lords throughout the ages. Seems like a silly, or flawed design to me."

Kara stops really regarding Hyperion at this time, and looks at Karkid asking, "Up?"

Karkid starts to mimick "Up!" as best he can, at which point Kara throws Karkid up in the saying, "Up!" with the Stygian squealing in delight.

Hyperion simply comments, "your reptilian mind is so different. I hope this branch doesn't end badly for you."

Kara simple smiles a pleasant smile, "then, it won't."

The End

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