Chapter 2: Home of XeranadMature

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Inside the Old Mansion

Hyperion nodded. "Yes I can. However, in order to to a time period specifically, I require an object that has been around at that time period. So, in order to find the disturbance in time, I require a sword... the Claimh Solais, the sword of the Paladin Gale."

Aria looked up. "Why that weapon?"

Hyperion turned to her. "I believe that the moment in time Elarin fell into was the exact moment that Gale and Alexander tried to kill each other."

Aria raised an eyebrow. "You believe? That means that you-"

"Yes, I do not know for sure." Hyperion cut her off. He looked back at Lynn. "Now, to answer your question: yes, the grandmother/grandfather clause is possible. And yes, you are your own grandmother... that is, she is you, but there is still a chance to make it so that way her fate isn't yours."

Lynn looked confused. "What do you mean?"

Hyperion pulled out his pocket watch. "You see, time does not move in a straight line like one would believe it would. Rather, time is like a tree: it branches off in different directions. You see, if we were to erase the events of the time rift, one would expect you to be erased as well, correct? Not the case. Merely, time creates a new branch and continues going up as if the other branch didn't exist at all. However..." He turned to look at Aria. "There are still consequences."

Aria didn't like the fact that he looked at her when he said this. Hyperion continued. "You know something strange? This old, decaying mansion used to be owned by someone, but that man lost his wife and child in an act of arson against him. That was fifteen years ago, to be exact... just before the Dark Lord Xeranad surfaced."

Aria was now very peeved. "What does this all have to do with us?! Why should I care about some sunken city?! All I care about is getting Xeranad to pay for what he has done to me, my family, my home, and my future!"

Hyperion answered in an icy tone. "This mansion used to be Xeranad's home."

The End

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