Chapter 2: Glitching up LifeMature

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"I'll get to that in a second, you all tell me about this so I have a sort-of 'script to follow."

Click just watched Hyperion, pretty much uninterested in what was going on. Military guy thinks two great nations existed a thousand years ago, but in all do honesty, it was a thousand years ago. No one knows what happened that far back. Secondly, the 'Time Mage' made Fujitsu look sane.

"You." He pointed at Click.

He just shrugged.

"Do you remember what happened earlier, at the Old Man's House?"

"How do you know about the Old Man?"

"You told me later. Anyway, the phone. Do you know what a phone is?"

"No, not really. I know the Old Man had to call one."

Hyperion shrugged, "Well, those don't exist yet. It was like a temporal shockwave, things that are supposed exist in the future, up to when Elarin sank, exist in glitches in the present."

Okay, not crazy Click realized, "So you can travel through time, huh?"

The End

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