Chapter 2: Plausible ClauseMature

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Inside the Mansion

Lynn seemed thoughtful for a few moments before nodded. "That makes sense. It explains why these designs are here. They're not 10,000 years old, they're only 9000. It also explains why I've found no references to Elarin, or any major development that occurred. Because they've not yet happened... But if that's the case, then why is it that time itself hasn't been utterly ravaged by the paradox us of Elarin are sure to be? but then, as we've never been able to effect time travel, or any real control of time..." Lynn was muttering, walking over to her pack, pulling out a notebook and began writing down in it.

Conrad chuckled. "And off she goes... Don't bother getting her attention for a little while, she's gonna be in that notebook for a bit." Conrad said, even as he attempted to make sense of what the mage just told them. The world they knew, the one they had sunk beneath hte ocean of, was the future of this world, not it's past. And yet, if hte mage was right, then it's future and it's past were one and the same...

However, much to Conrad's surprise, Lynn looks up at the mage. "So, tell me... Is hte grandfather clause plausible? I mean, we've got hte theory, but without any real chance of testing it, it's going to remain that, just a theory..." Lynn was mostly asking this, because if what was being said true, then, it would explain why her grandmother warned the world the way she did, and how she constantly seemed to be right, but was deemed insane...

The End

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