Chapter 2: Vegeta, how Many Years Were They Sent Back?Mature

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Inside the Old Mansion

Hyperion nodded. "Precisely... for you, anyway." He turned to Fujitsu, Click, Kara, and Aria. "Now, for you, what happened 1000 years ago?"

Aria looked confused. "Huh? Well, I've been told stories of the a war that was ended by the efforts of the Three Legendary Heroes: Matthias the Warmage, Gale the Paladin, and Alexander the Dark Knight. They defeated the Dark Lord Ryagar and brought peace back to Relanisia, only to turn against one another years later and died. Why do you ask?"

Hyperion looked back at Conrad and Lynn. "Do you see a contradiction in what has been said? 1000 years in the past, there was no Cerulean Moon Empire, nor was there a Crimson Sun Federation. Neither existed as of right now... but, 9000 years in the future... they will. You see, when Elarin sank beneath the waves, it didn't just vanish from the eyes of those on Relanisia: it vanished from that time period. You were sent back 10,000 years into the past, and remained there for 1000 years until you finally resurfaced."

Everyone stared at him with shock. Aria shook her head in disbelief. "So... what you're saying is..."

Hyperion nodded. "The reason they are here is because of twin events: one happened 9000 years in the future, the other, 1000 years in the past. These two events created a rift in time that took Elarin from its time period and placed it in ours. That is the reason I was interested in Elarin, Conrad. Why? As the time mage, it is my duty to protect the flow and fabric of time, no matter what the cost. Your city of Elarin does not belong here. As of right now, however, I cannot undo this little lapse of time. I need something that has memories of the events of 1000 years in the past. Only then will I be able to prevent Elarin's fall into the watery abyss."

Everyone was silent. Such a story was hard to comprehend. What did it all mean? How was such a thing possible? Aria thought to herself: I understand that this is bad... but I don't understand why he called us here. We have no relation with this Elarin place whatsoever. So why did he call us here to determine its fate? Why should I even care?

Hyperion looked at her... but his eyes were not filled with an endless knowledge like it had earlier. His eyes when fixed on her were filled with... what was it? Contempt? Pity? Aria was not comfortable around this mage. It was as if he didn't like her... as if he knew something about her that she didn't. It made her feel incompetent.

The End

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