Chapter 2: Not-as-painful ExpositionMature

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Inside teh Mansion

Conrad shrugged. "I'm not sure I should discuss this with these people around." Conrad states, unsure of what was going on. First of all, why was Lynn here, and not up north in the snowfields.

Lynn on the other hand wasn't as worried. "The Cerulean Moon Empire and hte Crimson Sun Federation were in the midst of a hundred year war that had recently turned into a 20 year stalemate as both sides sought to break from the Corridor of the Damned, as the local Soldiers called the region between the two states. The thing that struck me as most odd, was the sudden hunger the Federation had for a myth called the 'Temple of Darkness'. Out of the blue, the Federation, always land hungry, sudden began to push towards the south, towards teh Empire. If it hadn't resisted like it had, the Empire would have been flattened quickly. Now, Elarin was always neutral in the war, since anything and everything in the world would pass through hte harbor and gates, and if one side or the other attacked, the vital line of resources, intelligence, and research would be lost to them as well as their foe, so it was a pretty much assured untouchable. However, as to the exact cause of the Fall of Elarin, nothing is known. So, as to reason the city Fell is unknown." Lynn stated, closing her book, warming up to the subject.

The End

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