Chapter 2: Screwing the Crazy's Mind OverMature

Old Mansion

"Wait," said Fujitsu, closing his eyes and holding his hands up in the "woah, woah, woah" fashion. Click and the Time Mage turned to him.
"Yes?" inquired Hyperion, cocking an eyebrow.
Fujitsu answered, "Does this mean that you're a genie-man, too?" tilting his head.
Hyperion just smirked. "I guess there's nothing stopping you from calling me one. You called me 'Genie Time-person' in the future."
Fujitsu's eyes snapped open. He frantically looked around, as if trying to spot something dangerous and life-threatening. He ran to the door, looked inside, ran to some bushes, peered through them, and ran back to Click and the mage, flailing his arms around, and practically yelled, "What're trying to do!? You kabloomafy the universe for telling me such things!!"
Now Hyperion wa laughing. "You also told me something similar to that in the-"
"Stop it!" cried Fujitsu, pressing his hands over his ears.
"You also did that i-" started the mage, now just screwing with Fujitsu; it worked, too: Fujitsu was now speaking jibberish, foaming at the mouth a bit, and ran inside, knocking down and breaking some furniture.
Click shook his head. "You know, while I can tell what he's thinking, I can't really understand him all too much."
Hyperion turned to Click, beginning, "That's because his sea-" but he quickly caught himself, and started back inside like he meant to a minute ago, leaving Click confused.

The End

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