Chapter 2: Closed BookMature

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Click immediately looked at the soldier first, from looking at him he pretty quickly gathered a few details. He seemed stressed, at least annoyed, and tired. Probably got up not long ago. Secondly, his armor was advanced, how advanced and why this was up in the air, but he could assume it was given to him. Soldiers are rarely scientists. Then he turned to the mage. Something was wrong.

He had nothing. He couldn't understand a detail about him.

Hyperion watch Click as he watched him, smirking slightly. "Huh, I met you later, you were a lot tougher then."

He just looked at him, lacking any real comment. Finally he came to a conclusion, "You're insane, aren't you?"

"No, I'm Hyperion the Time Mage."

"Those are myths, you're nuts."

"No, they are much more then mere myths. You see, one is chosen at a certain time, if more then one existed at a given time, then the universe would collapse."

"If you're mages that can travel through time, then technically 'at a given time' doesn't matter. You all constantly exist."

"You still think too much in the future, as well."

The End

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