Chapter 2: Fast IntroductionMature

(Originally posted by Lord_Ganlon on Fri Aug 14, 2009)

Outside the Mansion

Conrad snaps his eyes close, trying to avoid being blinded by the flash as the mage did something. When he heard the click of the man's watch snap shut, and him state 'Your Late' to someone, did Conrad open his eyes, and look. There was a group of people, who seemed just a confused as himself. "Mage, you really need to work on common courtesy..." Conrad states, starting to really wonder what was going on. Turning towards the new comers, Conrad sighs. "Well folks, seems Hyperion here has something in mind, and we just happen to be the stow alongs. I'm Conrad Hezer. And already, I'm set on decking this guy." Conrad states, glaring at the mage with his last sentence, who was already walking inside, not bothering to pay attention to Conrad.

The End

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