Chapter 2: Ludicrous Speed to the MansionMature

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Escartes Castle Garden

Aria looked up to see Fujitsu walking towards her. She smiled at him. "Hey, Fuji, seen Click by any chance?"

Fujitsu looked around when she asked and then replied: "Who's Fuji?"

Aria giggled a bit. "You are, silly. Now, have you seen Click?"

Fujitsu nodded. "Yeah... he's standing right behind you."

Aria turned around and sure enough, Click was standing there, but he seemed... different somehow. He ditched the huge sword in favor of a shield like weapon... Click waved at Aria. "Yo. How's it going?"

Aria pulled out the map and answered. "Well, I was planning for us to go to the mansion, which isn't more than a day's walk from here... faster on horseback. But, I'm afraid I exhausted my money resources yesterday buying this dress."

Click looked at her then shook his head. "Teenage girls... go figure." He looked around. "Does anybody else feel like we're missing someone?"

Aria nodded. "Yeah, Kara is out playing with Karkid."

Click raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Karkid?"

Aria and Fujitsu informed him of what happened yesterday. Click shook his head. "We're bringing a STYGIAN with us? What could possibly be more headache inducing?"

Suddenly a flash of light blinded them, and they found themselves, along with Kara and Karkid, in front of an old mansion. Outside this mansion were two figures: one a soldier by his appearance, but from a place they had no knowledge of, while the other was more unusual, dressed in a blue, black, and orange tuxedo, top hat, and cape, with the colors moving around on their own. The man also carried a pocket watch, and when he noticed the group, he closed it with a snap.

"You're late."

The End

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