Chapter 2: Kara's KidMature

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Kara had been playing hide and go seek with the Stygian that had been dubbed "Kara's Kid". I was in the forest. Kara's Kid had not understand what was going on at first, when Kara brought her into the forest and disappeared. The Stygian considered crying at first, but kept seeing portions of Kara's tail in the bush. Kara's Kid would only see if for a bit, and go to the area to investigate.

The first time this happened Kara's Kid did this, Kara came up from behind and tickled him. Kara's Kid laughed--well if it could be called that. Kara's Kid turns--as the tickle assault had ended, and Kara was not around. Then Kara's Kid finds a tail appearing. Kara pops out going "boo!"

Kara's Kid gives a rather Stygian version of an "eep!" that a small boy would do when they'd be enjoying this game. It was cute in a rather disturbing way. Well, as cute as what appears to be a childish living dead creature, and a snake girl, playing as though they were mother/son in the woods could me.

Kara jumps away again... Kara's Kid grabs as a stick. Not entire sure of the concept of not hurting somebody--as is normal for a small child. Especially an abused one. Kara's Kid follows the tail and when Kara jumps out, smacks her on the rump with it.

Kara looks down at Kara's Kid, with a stern look on her face. Kara's Kid was afraid now. Kara, simply removes the stick from Kara's Kid, and places it nicely on the group. Wags her finger and tells him, "that hurt. It is not nice to hurt people."

Kara's Kid looks confused... somebody... was telling him... not to hurt people? Kara noted this, and explains, "Do you enjoy being hurt by others?"

Kara's Kid shakes his head a good no. Kara continues, "then is there any reason to do it to others?"

Kara's Kid was even more confused... not hurting people. But then, how would he stop others from hurting him. He surely must hurt them before they hurt him. Kara answers, "the only reason, you should harm somebody is if provoked--and only if they attack first. After the scuffle is over, it is over. The other option is to eat."

Kara's Kid understood what Kara was suggesting. However, only barely, Kara lowers herself to him, "you'll get it after some time. Now... up?"

Kara's Kid looked even more confused, trying to mimick, "Up?", as best he could.

Kara grabs him, and tosses him into the air, saying, "Up!", in a rather excited manner. Kara's Kid did a disturbing squeal in delight. Kara catches him, and asks him, "Up?"

Kara's Kid squeals in delight again, "Up!", as best he can.

Kara tosses him into the air again, going, "Up!"

They continued to play for some time.

The End

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