Chapter 2: Tune in Next Time to Find outMature

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Outside Aged Mansion

Conrad was rubbing his eyes, trying to clear the stars floating in his vision. "Goddess damn it Mage, if you keep this up, I will personally shot you myself, time mage or not!" Conrad growls, as his vision finally clears up. Looking around, it was clear they were no longer near the elven city. Something about being by hte coast now, as well as the remains of a once well kept courtyard in front of a mansion that clearly had seen better days. "Mage, before I enter, I'm wanting answers. Your pulling me along like some sort of lost animal, but not telling me anything. I want answers. Why have you taken such an interest in me? What is it about me, that your so busy concerning yourself with? And how is it you know so much about Elarin, without, to my knowledge, of having been there yourself?" Conrad demands, not moving from the spot in which he had arrived in that flash, not until he understood some of what was going on.

The End

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