Chapter 2: New Old HouseMature

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Conrad had gotten his gear quickly, despite being half asleep. As he followed Hyperion out the door, he couldn't help but feel a twinge of regret for what he was having to do. These Elves seemed to have no idea what was coming, but the same could be said of Conrad. He had no idea what his future held, not with Hyperion pulling him along like this.

Abandoned Mansion

Lynn grumbled awake, having fallen asleep while reading the tome she had on archeological styles. For some odd reason, this wooden house was still new enough that many of the features in it were clear, and the tome confirmed it. While she was long-lived, even for an Elf, there couldn't be any natural way this house could have survived the 10,000 plus years the tome she was reading was saying this place was, and yet here it was, with her in it. Something was wrong, but maybe, jsut maybe, someone had read this very same tome, and had made it, in hopes of bringing the old styles back. Still, that barrier towards the basement, that was new to her... she couldn't find any physical object, nor sense any magic, so maybe, a Magitek system? But that wasn't likely, since the technology hadn't yet reached the point of invisible barriers, unless very select technologies had continued to grow over the years. But it wasn't likely nearly everything had regressed nearly 9000 years in technology while only select few techs continued to advance. No matter, she would continue to examine the mansion, attempt to glean clues out of it.

The End

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