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Chapter 2: Ages and the Aged House

Hadafang - Guest Quarters

Hyperion stretched after getting some rest. He felt his powers returning to him, back to their full potency. Which was good, because he felt enough time has been wasted. He walked up to Conrad, who was still sleeping.

Hyperion shook his head. "Hmmm... a soldier sleeping so soundly as this... what is wrong with this sight? There is something missing." He scratched his chin, then snapped his fingers. "Eureka! I know what it needs!" He pulled off his top hat (which was basically a holder of an infinite amount of things), and reached inside... farther than you'd think physically possible without wrecking the hat. He lifted a bugle out, lowered it to Conrad's ears, and started playing cadence.

Conrad awoke with such a start that he fell out of bed. When he finally realized what happened, he stood up and glared into Hyperion's eyes. "I hate you." Conrad seethed.

Hyperion smiled. "Good morning to you too. Sorry, but I'm afraid we'll have to skip breakfast... unless you want to stick around here and wait for the Stygians to set the place on fire?"

Conrad sighed. "Fine. Just give me some time to get dressed."

Escartes Castle - Geust Quarters

Aria woke up and stood up. She stretched her limbs for the day... she had a feeling today was going to be just as eventful as the day before.

Aria got dressed and made sure everything she needed was packed and ready. There was no telling what was going to happen today, but it's always best to be prepared.

She stared out the window, which was facing east, and saw, to her surprise, a mansion out in the distance. This piqued her curiosity. "I wonder what a house like that is doing so far from anyy other town?"

Spire of Kandrakar - Xeranad's Throne Room

Xeranad awoke from the his rest. He never really needed a bed: a bed left one easily exposed to an attack from above, while hindering movement. Xeranad's throne protected him from such threats: the wings were impenetrable from any form of attack, creating a shield, but also provided comfort as to not disturb him while sleeping... though who would be foolish enough to wake him up from his rest he cannot say... save dead. He had such an experience not to long ago... with a girl named Mable.

Xeranad walked down the hallway and into the Alchemic Laboratory. As before, Yevrus was hard at work on Tetsujin, as the creation had been dubbed. Xeranad shook his head. "Don't you ever take a break, Yevrus? I mean, I value your hard work, but even a homunculus needs to recharge every now and again."

Yevrus looked up at his master. "My work comes before rest, my lord. Until Project Tetsujin is finished, I have no intention of resting."

Xeranad sighed. "Then it looks like you'll be awake for another month... I hope you know how to brew coffee, because I cannot stand the taste of that stuff."

Yevrus chanced a stray chuckle. "The same could be said about your distaste for wine, sir."

Xeranad shrugged. "Wine... the only time you ever use food to wash down the drink." With that, Xeranad walked away. He needed to see how his... "children" were doing.

The End

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