Intermission Chapter: 1000 years ago, Ryagar's PalaceMature

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"Damn... he's too strong to attack head on." Gale wiped away the blood coming from his lip.

Alexander stood up shakily, every muscle aching. "This isn't good... he just knocks aside anything we throw at him, and he isn't even tiring yet! How do we beat something like that?"

Matthias exchanged blow after blow with the Dark Lord Ryagar. "Don't give up now! Have we come all this way just to fail?"

Ryagar smiled, and attacked with his scythe. Matthias blocked it with his rapier, but then a surprise came: a second blade slid along the top of the first one, and it pierced Matthias' side. Matthias went down, coughing up blood... the blade had pierced his lung.

Ryagar laughed, and stepped on Matthias' skull with his boot. "These are the heroes who thwarted my plans to bring order to this world? Pathetic! You only defeated my armies by a mere fluke!"

While Ryagar was boasting, Gale charged at him, but Ryagar smacked him aside with his sword. "Now, now... wait your turn. I'm still not finished with this one yet."

That was when Ryagar felt something strange. He looked down, but instead of seeing Matthias, he saw a skull Ryagar used as a decoration in his throne room. He looked around for Matthias, but before he found him, he was grabbed from behind.

"What the hell?!" He looked and saw Matthias holding him in place. "You bastard! How dare you?!"

Matthias coughed. "Alex, Gale... finish the job. Kill Ryagar now! While I hold him!"

Alex looked at Matthias, shocked at what he had just heard. "Attack now? But if we do that, you'll die too!"

Matthias smiled. "I've lived a life of no regrets, Alex... let me die with none. At least I'll have the please of knowing that this madman was killed with me."

Ryagar's eyes filled with a mixture of hatred and fear. "What?!"

Matthias coughed again. "Just do it! Attack together!"

Gale readied his blade. "Don't argue with him, Alex... he's made up his mind. Nothin' we can do to change that."

Alex stared at Gale, then back at Matthias. Alex had tears running down from his right eye (he has an eyepatch over his left), and said: "I hate this... but... I have no choice." Alex raised his sword, Rapture, and charged forward, as did Gale, weilding the Claimh Solais.

They attacked together, the forces of light and darkness combined. The attack obliterated both Ryagar and Matthias.

Alex still had tears coming down from his face after it was over. Gale sighed and put a hand on Alex's shoulder. "We both looked up to him. He was a great man... greater than the both of us. But... it was the only way."

Alex punched the wall with his fist. "There's always another way, Gale! Always! We could have done this without losing him! Why did he do this to us?! Why did he have to leave us so soon?! There was so much I wanted to do with him... why?!" Alex crumpled to floor, a mess of emotions. Gale watched over him silently.

When Alex finally regained control, he stood up. Gale looked at him. "We'll hold a funeral for him in the morning. It's the least we can do for him." Gale told Alex.

Alex nodded. "Yeah..."

End Intermission

The End

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