Chapter 1: Setting the SceneMature

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Outskirts of Hadafang

Conrad couldn't understand the differing styles of acceptance these two showed. Thankfully, when the rest of hte soldiers from the Outpost started to be seen, Conrad was glad. At least he would be able to 'get' himself 'lost' amongst hte crowd, and then maybe start working on getting back to R&RC. But right now, he was still stuck in the Time Mage's story, and doing what he had to do wouldn't help keep the Maeg safe from hte elves wrath. Goddess what should he do.

Abandoned Mansion

The woman was constantly glancing between the rather large tome in her hand, while dusting a small part of the crowning in hte dust and web filled room she was in. She was silently muttering to herself, pausing her dusting every so often to examine what it was she was working on, then resuming, not at all noticing the dust smeared robes, the web matted hair, or even the dirt and grime covering her face and hands from her work. In fact, the site of where she slept was clearly jsut that. Where she went when sleep overwhelmed her senses. That or hunger. Her footprints covered the floorboards of hte mansion, clear as day in the dust encrusted house. Though there was one area, near the door to the basement, that wasn't touched by her footfalls. Though there was a clear semi-circle around it, as though she had examined something in great detail, trying to get all the angles about it.

The End

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