Chapter 1: Lessons are Boring, AnywayMature

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Old Man's House

Xeranad laughed. "Beneath me? So you finally realized that. Glad that you finally understand." He stomped on the floor boards to let Jonou know that he knew exactly where he was.

Xeranad went on. "Do you know why I have been conquering and enslaving the other races? It's because each race shows hatred for one another. The Elves especially have tried to commit genocide against both the trolls and mankind. They also tried to murder their own children, the half elves, because they thought that they were impure."

Jonou answered. "So, what you are saying is that you want to have everyone live with one another without prejudice?"

Xeranad nodded. "You aren't as senile as I thought you were. However, that is only half of it. The other reason is that it is my right to rule."

Jonou shook his head. "I thought you said you would have them living together equally."

Xeranad sighed. "That's the problem, isn't it? In order for there to be equality, there must be a an entity to enforce this equality. Sadly, this means that one person, or a group of people, have to be of a higher privelige than everyone else. Governments are founded on this conundrum. It's strange: For equality to exist, there must be an inequality somewhere to enforce it."

Jonou nodded. "You really think people will listen to you? After all you have done?"

Xeranad sighed. "I gave them the option to do this by free will. If they had, it wouldn't have cost them so many lives. This bloodshed is their own doing. Why doesn't anyone listen to reason anymore?" Xeranad turned his back to Jonou and said, in a quiet voice. "If only the event of fifteen years ago never happened..."

Xeranad walked out of the house, not bothering to even say goodbye, or even close the door. He then vanished in a cloud of darkness. "Wessel, my orders are clear."

The End

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