Chapter 1: The Stomp That was Felt 'round the WorldMature

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Escartes Castle - Mess Hall

"HOLY...!!" Fujitsu gasped, suddenly holding his groin and falling to the ground in the fetal position. Nothing had hit him there, but he felt incredible pain, as if the pain that somebody else had from that place had reached him. His headache also came back
Aria, who was just drinking some water bent over and asked, "Ummm... Are you okay, Fujitsu?"
Fujitsu grimaced before replying in a squealy voice, "I think some guy's manliness just got completely crushed and the pain traveled over to me..." He got up and sat back down in his chair, trying not to think about it and returned to his beef stew.
Aria returned to a map that Fujitsu let her have and studied it. "I wonder where we should go next..."
"Aria, don't you think we should rest for the day? It's been a bit eventful for one," Fujitsu requested, putting on an exhausted face, even though he was nothing of the sort; he could have done what they did today constantly for three days without break. He was filled to the brim with energy.
Aria thought for a moment, but became distracted by Fujitsu, who was making weird faces because of the pain. "Why don't you go and see Kara, Fujitsu?" she suggested.
Fujitsu nodded, fell to the ground again, then rolled off to the infirmary, tripping many people on the way.

Old Man's House

"Pitiful, Xeranad," said a voice seemingly from out of nowhere. Wessel and Xeranad looked around.
Xeranad paused, then smirked. "How long has it been, Jonou, since we last fought? Thirteen years?" he called out. "Where are you? Why don't you show yourself?"
"If you can find me, I will show myself to you."
The Dark Lord chuckled. "Is that it? It hardly seems fair, though, seeing that you are a master ninja. Do you think that it's fair?"
Jonou stayed silent. He was not about to risk giving him the challenge, even if doing this was against his normal principles. He never allowed himself to interfere with other people's situations, but he thought his actions were uncalled for, and while he wanted to teach him a similar lesson, he was not going to kill the man.
"A hint: You stand on top me, yet I do not feel you."

The End

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