Chapter 1: Xeranad Soiled the Power of Love! What a DickMature

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Old Man's House

A knock came at the door. The old man's son, having seen a face he wanted to forget, didn't feel like answering it, so, instead, asked: "Who's there?"

A voice from the past answered... a voice he hadn't heard in a long time. "Help... me..."

The man's eyes widened. "Mable? Is that you?"

"Yes... please... help... me..." the voice replied weakly. She sounded like she was in pain.

The man hastily unlocked the door, wanting to see Mable... but when he did open the door, what greeted him was a corpse... Mable's corpse. It was held up by the neck, the hand belonging to a dark figure in jaded armor. The figure let go of Mable's corpse, dropping it on top of the man. All the while, the corpse pleaded. "Please... help... me... Xeranad... he... is... a monster..."

Xeranad walked into the house. "You were right... she would try to kill me, especially if it was the last thing she did... it was." Xeranad laughed.

"You... saw everything? Heard everything?!" The man shouted. "Then you shoul know that-"

"'He had it coming?' It is man's nature to sin. Failure to forgive has always been a human failing... yet you answer sin with violence... Is that not in itself a sin?" Xeranad replied in a cold tone. "A friend of yours, wishing to atone for the lies he told, comes here to learn of a way to stop me... and you just beat the crap out of him. So, it's only fair that you receive the same punishment. If Slate was as backstabbing as you said he was, then why did Mable leave to go look for him? Tell me, Mable, was that the real reason you left?"

Mable's corpse replied. "No... I... just wanted... to get away from this man."

The young man's eyes filled with tears. "No... it's a lie. It must be! YOU ARE LYING!" He pushed Mable off and charged at Xeranad, but was immediatly slammed into the wall by Xeranad's claws.

"You said the exact same thing to Slate. Yet, I could tell that he wasn't lying. It appears you only hear what you want to hear... the truth hurts a lot, doesn't it? About as much as this..." Xeranad took his boot and crushed the area between the man's legs. Blood oozed from the wall. The pain the man felt was almost unbearable.

Xeranad laughed. "You only see the sins of others, believing your actions are justified... that is YOUR sin. I will pay you back for every sin you have committed. Starting with the most recent... I'm going to tear you apart. Scream all you want... no one will come to help you. After all... you had this coming."

Xeranad was true to his word. When he was finished, the young man was nothing more than an unrecognizable lump of flesh, blood, and bone. Xeranad had ripped the man's innards out and strewn them around the man's neck like some macabre necklace. He left him sitting in a pool of his own blood, face down. There was a message written on the walls:

"I'm sorry for what happened. Please, accept this as a symbol of my regret towards today's events.

Lord Xeranad

The End

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