Chapter 1: Dark Lords Probably Don't Taste That Good AnywayMature

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Kara was bandaging up a rather confused Stygian. He was looking around... wanting to make an escape... however, his "toys" a Kara referred to them as had been removed. Kara was working on doing some healing magic on this one--trying to cure it of its Stygian state.

The other nurses merely watched. One steps forward, "how can you let that thing live? It killed several guards"

Kara doesn't look up and says, "I don't eat little boys. Anyways... the best way to get rid of your enemies, is to continue to show them kindness--no matter how much they hate you... makes less people think they are a worthy leader. The secret to winning this war will not be exterminating every last one of them, however to make them no longer desire to fight us"

A guard that had been put into here, once news got around on the Stygian in the Infirmary, "we make them no longer desire to fight us by killing Xeranad!"

This was followed by a few cheers in the crowd.

Kara doesn't even look back, "and when we kill Xeranad, what will stop another dark lord from rising? Simply continuing to eat these Dark Lords? If that were true, there would be no more Rabbits in the forest. No, disposing of Xeranad is only a band-aid solution. You need to take care of your villagers... including this new child."

Kara had finished doing the bandages up, hugs the very confused Stygian, and doesn't look up before continuing, "now, these bandages need to stay on for a week--he should be pretty much mended. Being a little boy, he is going to want to take them off at any chance."

The guard points at Kara, "you've doomed us all! He will kills us all!"

Kara looks up at the guard, in into his eyes, "No, I haven't doomed you, you have--your hate. Is there any reason, this boy could not be a fine outstanding hero in the community? Yes, because you refuse him the right to do so because he looks different from the rest. Now, since I know you will kill him, no doubt, if I leave him here, he is coming with me, when we go to face Xeranad--so I can make sure he stays out of trouble."

The End

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