Chapter 1: Zat Pompous Vindbag of a KingMature

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Escartes Town South Gate

Aria sighed and shook her head. "Kara, these creatures are responsible for the deaths and enslavement of countless innocents, and you want us not to hurt them? Did I miss something?" Kara stared at her, and Aria sighed. "Alright, I'll do my best to at least not kill them, but I can't make any promises." Aria dashed forward towards Fujitsu.

The Stygians began the same tactic with her, with one appearing right in front of her, its daggers raised. Aria dodged and tripped the Stygian, then kicked it over to Kara. "One down... a bunch to go."

The Stygians stared at Aria for a second, shocked at the fluidity of her counter attack, but that didn't last too long: two more appeared behind her and attempted to kick her.

Aria ducked and grabbed their legs, and tossed them into the Stygians that had already been out in the open. They responded with sounds of rage and resentment. Aria simply yawned, in an attempt to mock them and make them loss their temper.

The ploy worked, and all of the Stygians forgot about ambushing and just decided to rush her. Aria got out of the way. "Fujitsu, any time would be nice."

Fujitsu sent the silver wind blades straight at the clustered group, sending them flying. Their unit disorganized, the Stygians began to retreat back through the gate... all save one... the one Aria kicked into Kara's direction.

Aria sighed. "That... was a whole lot easier than I thought it was going to be." She shrugged. "I guess it must be because I'm a bandit, and if there is one thing I know, it's how to deal with other bandits, even Stygian ones."

Old Man's House

Wessel bowed to his master. "Master Xeranad, I had hoped zis hero business vould haf been resolved before it even began..."

Xeranad shook his head. "Do not worry yourself on such a trifling matter. If I wanted them dead so soon, I would have done so before I left the last time, regardless of the incident that occured."

Wessel sighed. "If you say so, my Lord. Now about our... arrangement..."

Xeranad raised his clawed gauntleted hand. "Patience. I had hoped to do this without resorting to this tactic, but I am afraid that I need you to do the task necessary for you to receive your reward."

Wessel nodded. "For ten years I've sucked up to zat pompous vindbag of a king and his brat of a child. I am sick of it... who does all ze hard vork in zis town? I do! Do I get ze praise and respect I deserve? No! It all goes to zose two morons! It's enough to make me vant to hurl!"

"Call down, Wessel. I know you have been patient long enough, but please bear with it for just a bit longer. I have a plan that will not only eliminate those two, but make you a hero of the people in the process." Xeranad remarked.

Wessel looked happy. "Really? You can do zat?"

Xeranad nodded. "But first... I would like to... introduce myself to the owner's of this run down establishment..." Xeranad pointed to the building in which Click was in at the moment. "I wish to... pay my respects to them in regards to a friend of theirs..."

The End

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