Chapter 1: It's a Trap!Mature

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Escartes Town South Gate

Fujitsu, who still had a shocked expression inhabiting his face, turned to Aria, and said, "Not even I can comprehend this tomfoobalery...!"
Then he looked at Kara, not bothering to shake off his shock. "I already told you, Kara, they're Xeranad's soldiers! Besides, who would want to keep them was pets, anyways? Just look at them!"
The Stygians, who were keeping quiet until now, started making a lot of noise. Some of it could be made out to a sort of crying, while others couldn't be mistaken for anything other than rage. The amount of gibberish that was flying through the air made it seem like the three of them were in a forest filled to the brim with cicadas.
Then a battle cry was heard right behind Fujitsu straight before a Stygian stabbed and kicked him on the back. This was responded with cheers and laughter from its brethren.
"Aw, come on! I just bought this!" cried Fujitsu.
A lone Stygian traveled out to the open, and everything became silent. It stared at Fujitsu, and Fujitsu stared at it back. The two of them didn't break eye contact for a while until the Stygian turned his back to him and exposed his bare rump to the three of them. Once again there was cheering and laughter.
Fujitsu immediately started rapidly spinning his swallow-katana with his free hand and slashed five of times in the direction of the lone Stygian. Like earlier, his new found ability erupted from the blade, as silver as it was sharp. This caught the creature off guard, and it tried to run away, but the magic was a bit too fast, and the wind slashes went right through it.
Now the cheering had died out, and was replaced with violent rage. A group of Stygians dropped from the trees and readied themselves. Fujitsu rushed forward, twirling around his katana again, and prepared to block with the shield-sword. Just as he was in slashing range, the Stygians smirked (if that's what their expression would be called), and Fujitsu found himself no sooner than a second later suspended by a rope and hanging upside-down.
Fujitsu immediately cut the blade down and landed solidly on the ground, only to fall into another trap, this time it was a hole covered with leaves. More laughter.
I REALLY need to ask Aria to help me fight against bandits... he thought to himself.

The End

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