Chapter 1: She has to be BlondeMature

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Kara looks around and instructs, "look for good hiding places--they'll be there"

Fujitsu looks underneath a rock.

Aria giggles, but looks seriously, "I am looking, I am looking."

Kara instructs, "also don't think they will be fair--they are little boys, and Aria, I am sure you can remember the little boys you knew when you were a little girl."

Fujitsu points, "there is one!"

Kara holds him back before he does anything, "Now look in the spots near by..."

Aria looked at Kara--Kara had an uncharacteristically... motherly approach to this... did Kara somehow care, and not want to see these monsters harmed.

Fujitsu had scanned those, and was looking at the spots next to them--but they almost new when they were spotted and would dart away--the first move would be the Stygians in this case.

Kara looks around, "they are moving--we'll need to follow them, and try to watch them as best we can. Make sure they don't get into any trouble. They look hurt.. best thing we can do is take care of them... until we find who they belong too"

Aria and Fujitsu just look in shock at Kara.

The End

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