Chapter 1: Of Course the Germans are EvilMature

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Escartes Town South Gate

Kara was face to face with a Stygian Bandit. The creature had a horribly disgusting face: as if someone just shoved its face into a red hot grindstone and had its face burned off and ripped off almost at the same time. It had no lips, no cheekbones, no nose, no ears, no eyebrows... it was like a skeleton with flesh hastily plastered over it. And yet... it had the nature of a child. A very playful and mischievous child, but a child nonetheless.

They stared at each other for a few moments, and the Stygian tilted its head in curiousity. This was an unusual experience for Kara, as she was just as curious about the thing in front of her. The Stygian tried to speek, but the only sound that came was something akin to gibberish. "Kreeeee ashtooo ka laaa?" was the closest Kara could come to figuring out what it said, and that made no sense.

Kara was about to answer when the creature suddenly hissed, similar to a snake... something Kara easily understood. She turned around and saw Fujitsu and Aria, the latter seemingly out of breath from trying to keep up with the former. They were both wearing different outfits since the last time she saw them, and they both had their weapons brandished.

Kara raised an eyebrow. "What's going on?"

Fujitsu raised his blade and pointed at the Stygian. "That thing is one of the Stygians... the creatures that make up Xeranad's army."

Kara turned just in time to see the creature apparently retreat. Fujitsu attemted to cut it off, but as soon as he was within arm's length, he was cut off by two more Stygain Bandits who kicked him in the face.

Aria saw this and shouted. "Fujitsu! Are you okay?!" Kara too had a look of concern on her face.

Fujitsu got up and readied his weapon again. "Now that was a dirty trick."

To his surprise, the Stygians began to make a sound similar to a laugh. "Kwahh kwahhh kwahhh!" Was what Kara heard, and still it made no sense.

Aria looked around, and could feel the eyes of many Stygians watching them. "Fujitsu... I hate to say this, but... we are in some serious trouble."

Fujitsu smiled in disbelief. "Yeah, I kinda figured."

Forest of Ecwodar

Koinzell lead the young Elarin and the Time Mage through the firest doing the best he could to make sure they didn't get lost, but at the same time, make sure they didn't leave a trail for Acherak and the Stygians to follow. Conrad noticed the periodic stopping and looking over the shoulder Koinzell kept doing. It was starting to become nerve-racking.

Hyperion, on the other hand, simply continued walking as if there was nothing to worry about, and for some reason, that didn't help Conrad feel any better.

Old Man's House

Serena watched from the window as Click was getting turned into a bloody pulp. She could hear her master's voice as he watched through her eyes.

"Such a sad display to watch for someone so innocent. I'm deeply saddened that you had to witness that... is this the way the world treats their heroes? I see that the person doing the beating requires a little... discipline..."

At that precise moment, a man appeared not even a block away. It wasn't Xeranad, however... the man spoke in a thick, German accent.

"I trust my letter got to you vell, my Lord?"

Appearing next to him was Serena's master, Xeranad. "Indeed it has, Wessel... indeed it has."

The End

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