(Originally posted by Harlot on Tue Jul 28, 2009)

Kara was slithering down the road when she got to the south gate... she spied a few poorly hidden guards--it was not like them to hide when she came. They were usual there making sure the town was safe. She goes up to the hidden bodies--they had corpse status. *Sigh* some humans got too cold again--so she lay them out onto some warm rocks. She really had nothing more to say but, "Get warm friend."

She gets to the south gate--somebody was watching her. Something--childish... boyish and childish. The kind that would catch a large bug and put it on a young girl's lap, or snap all the heads off a girls favourite dolls. It was watching her. She knew a lot about children. They were smart, just playful. Though some of them really didn't know how to play nice. 

She sighs, "I'll have to find one and take it too its mother--before it makes me have to find _more_ warm rocks."

She snaps her tail, readying it for use, and Kara starts looking around where she would hide here--and spots one, and looks directly into his eyes.

The End

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